Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Intern Story

As I've gotten older summer has come to represent different things. When I was a little kid I was going to camp, chasing the ice cream truck, and enjoying no school. As a teenager and college kid it was a time to hang by the pool, go to the beach, and try my luck with the fairer sex – usually an unsuccessful venture (surprisingly acne and back hair weren’t alluring). Now, as an allegedly more mature individual with a year-round job, summer means time for an influx of interns into the workplace.

Interns are good to have around the office for a number of reasons. They do the shit jobs in the office no one wants to do - like answering phones and making copies. If you work at Sterling Cooper they get your dry cleaning and make lunch for the office. Interns also let you live vicariously through them and reminisce of days gone by when they come to work hung-over and on three hours sleep because as a married guy in his early-to-mid 30s those days have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Most importantly, interns show you that for as little as you think you know, they know even less. To prove my point, this is what happened in my office not that long ago.

We have a few TVs in the workplace. Unfortunately they are usually littered with sensationalist news and not re-runs of Match Game hosted by Gene Rayburn, the guy who makes Richard Dawson’s hosting method seem reserve. It’s really too bad today’s game show hosts don’t talk about their conquests on air anymore, especially when those conquests sit on the show’s celebrity panel. Ah the 1970s, how you are missed – at least Betty White is still relevant.

Regardless, one of the TVs in my office had on an NBA Draft special while the interns were eating lunch. The special showed the end of the Ohio State-Michigan game from the Big 10 Tournament where Evan Turner hit a buzzer beater to win the game. One of our interns went absolutely apeshit. He jumped out of his seat, screaming like he just saw history made. Normally when someone hits a last minute shot his reaction would be warranted. Sadly for him, the shot happened in March. This kid might as well have been in a bar in Aspen looking for Mary Swanson.

Interns - The gift that keeps on giving, especially when that gift is free labor.

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