Thursday, August 5, 2010

Watch Louie - Everyone Else Is Doing It (Or Should Be)

Many different stars take a long time to gain success and popularity. When people say someone came out of nowhere, chances are those people are wrong. Hard work coupled with years of training and practicing one’s craft is the part no one sees of overnight sensations.

Except for Brody Jenner. He is just plain lucky because there is no talent, hard work or any sort of skill involved with him not having to wait in line for bread.

This season F/X, an underrated channel for original programming in its own right, decided to give comedian Louis C.K. his own half-hour show (Tuesday at 11:00). The show has received great reviews and has been picked up for another season. These are great things for Louie C.K., and for us, since the show is one of the few genuinely funny programs on TV. At least of shows that want to make you laugh. Try watching a Keith Olbermann Special Comment or a Glenn Beck chalkboard demonstration without losing it – because let’s be honest, those two certainly have.

To many people, as a result of his show, Louis C.K. is a break-out comic in 2010. While he might be gaining mainstream popularity, he has been on the stand-up map since the mid-90s. Hell, he had a series on HBO three years ago and an hour special on the same network in 2006 and 2008. Not only a great stand-up comedian, but Louis C.K. is a former writer for The Chris Rock Show, The Late Show w/ David Letterman, Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Why is it the good writers remain behind the scenes and the bad ones get to host Weekend Update?

If Chris Rock, David Letterman and Conan O'Brien think someone is funny, they’re funny. Lorne Michaels is a maybe. While a pioneer in comedy, he has hit some major speed bumps along the way – like most of the current cast. The fact that Seth Meyers is a bigger household name than Louis C.K. is a crime against comedy – just like most of Saturday Night Live’s skits.

Not only is it unjust that people like Seth Meyers get to be head writer of a comedic institution without any real comedic talent, but Dane Cook has been stealing Louis C.K.’s jokes for years. Louis C.K. caught a mainstream break after being one of the best comics for years, even if he wasn't as well-known to the general public. Dane Cook is a multi-millionaire who has played opposite Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Jessica Simpson in some of the worst movies ever made. And people say life is fair. You know who says that? Dane Cook and Seth Meyers say that.

History is full of red-headed entertainers. Lucille Ball led the charge in the 1950s with her iconic show “I Love Lucy”. Next was Ron Howard who played Opie and Richie Cunningham but eventually went behind the camera. The next prominent red-head was Danny Bonaduce, who was successful for a time, but ultimately fell to the temptations of all that Tiger Beat can offer. Finally, by using tawdry props, telling bad jokes, wearing too much eyeliner and buying clothes at Baby Gap, Carrot Top completed the disintegration of the red-headed entertainer. There’s a poster that shows the evolution of man, going from the earliest of our species to our current form. Well, if there was a similar poster of red-headed comedians it would go in the opposite direction.

Until now that is – Louis C.K. has reversed the degeneration of the red-headed entertainer.

Somewhere in America Molly Ringwald is calling her agent.

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