Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yippee Ki Yay Music Television: Cutthroat Episode 7

Last week’s Cutthroat saw the elimination of the Red Team’s best player, Brandon. Along with being their best player, he was also the go-to vote when deciding to put someone into The Gulag. With Brandon gone the Red Team will now have to wrestle from within on which guy to throw in to the wolves. They better figure it out soon too because there’s no way they are winning immunity to avoid The Gulag. Very few things in life are guaranteed. Death. Taxes. NBC's Outsourced getting canceled. And the Red Team failing miserably at whatever challenge is put before them.

In other Challenge news, host TJ Lavin was released from the hospital this week, about a month after a horrific biking accident. Reports say that TJ plans on continuing as host of the show. This is great news. Family Feud tried to replace Richard Dawson with a bevy of failures (Ray Combs, Louie Anderson, Al from Home Improvement, J Peterman). MTV would meet the same fate if they tried to substitute someone else to control the melting pot that is fame-whores, douchebags, and wannabe wannabes. It would be like mixing a Republican Congress with a Democratic administration and telling them to work things out for the good of everyone else. 
On to the show...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Go 'Cuff Yourself: Cutthroat Episode Six

Last week’s Cutthroat episode ended with MTV being very cryptic about Chet’s condition. He took a nasty spill in the previous challenge, turned paler than Bib Fortuna, and ended up in the hospital. The show ended with Chet’s heart monitor beeping and an IV drip flowing. We were left wondering if Chet would be ok. Well those of us who saw the cast’s get well message for TJ knows Chet made it out of Prague in one piece, which is more than we can say for its country’s old name. On to Episode Six

Like the rest of us, the Red Team wondered if Chet was going to return. Wouldn’t you know it, here comes Chet. He told some stories about Czech medical care and by his tone I’m guessing he’s not in favor of how the healthcare vote went down a few months ago.

Johnny and Derrick talked about how they’re concerned they’re going to have to go into a Gulag since they are the only two guys remaining.

Brandon said to Luke he’s fairly certain he won’t go into another Gulag. This prediction came from a guy who already went into three of the elimination challenges. That’s like Nancy Pelosi saying the Republicans won’t use her as a political lightning rod in 2012 since they already did that this year. Who says the Democrats didn’t learn anything from last week’s results?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Where Pole Position Isn't a Video Game: Cutthroat Episode Five

After last week’s Cutthroat saw Big Easy and Ayiiia pack their bags and bid adieu to Prague, we were left wondering if the budding romance between Johnny Bananas and Camilla was a deep emotional connection or Johnny using all his inner Buttafuoco to make a girl with few allies on the cast swoon. Will Camilla be the mole Johnny needs? Will the Red Team follow Brad’s lead and get wise to the situation? Do any of the cast members have skills that translate into the American workforce?  Let’s find out if any of these questions were answered in episode five.

The show started off with the cast on what looked like a cruise of some sorts around Prague. Like anything else the group does it turned it into a booze cruise. This clan could turn sleeping into a drinking game.

Dan, a recovering alcoholic, is having a hard time dealing with his issues. His efforts should be applauded but going to one of these challenges in his condition is like Tiger Woods going to the Playboy Mansion to talk to Hef about starting a magazine.

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